FCL Mahe, Seychlles运费查询

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FCL Mahe, Seychlles运费查询

 Zhenhua Logistics Group is one of leading comprehensive logistics service providers in this industry. We devote ourselves to providing our customers with quality, efficient, high-level and unceasingly improved logistics services.
With international shipping service business as one of the core businesses of the Group, we can provide you with comprehensively integrated international shipping services including land transport, container loading, warehousing, customs declaration, value-added services at the port of destination, etc.
  Zhenhua Logistics Group has a team with over 3,000 high-quality experts with rich experiences in international shipping service, relying on strong hardware facilities, advanced electronic information system, global partner networks covering more than 80 countries, good partnership with scores of international liner companies and annual container handling capacity of above 2 million TEU, which can sufficiently guarantee the strength of international shipping business of Zhenhua Logistics Group. Presently, we are providing all kinds of comprehensive international shipping services to hundreds of large and medium-sized enterprises from scores of industries such as iron & steel, automobile, chemical industry, machinery, minerals, gardening and medicine, etc.
Now we carefully prepare the following high-quality international shipping services for you:

FCL (Full container load) international shipping service
LCL (Less than container load) international shipping service
NVOCC (Non-vessel operating common carrier) international shipping service
One-stop logistics service
Shipping space booking
Special containers service
With cooperation with Zhenhua Logistics Group, you will enjoy our comprehensive services and highly flexible shipping solutions customized for you, which will meet your various daily and special transport demands.
For more information about international shipping services please contactZhenhua Logistics Group has 220000 square meters warehouses in China at present, in which, 119000 square meters warehouses are in Tianjin, 16000 square meters warehouses are in Qingdao 85000 square meters warehouses are in Shanghai and can provide comprehensive logistics operation for large and medium logistics providers and manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad, such as loading of exported cargo, warehousing, cargo sorting, repacking, measuring, weighing, bar code scanning, labeling, pallet packaging, wrapping the stretch film, loading of garmentainers and reefer container, etc.
● Good faith helps us win the trust from the custom office, and the qualification of customs supervision makes us become the customs designated place for inspection, which is convenient for customs inspection and lowers the costs of customer.
●High quality personnel, stable team, annual handling capacity of over 8 million cubic meters and new warehouses to be put into use, all of which can provide the spaces for the customers to enlarge their businesses.
●Advanced bar code management system guarantees the accuracy of cargo in and out storage yard, automatic distribution of cargoes storage yard as well as improving efficiency of
● Perfect network system realizes data sharing between each department and improves efficiency and accuracy of operation, so that customer may enjoy the advantages of one-stop service.
●Fine logistics management of warehouse, including sorting, measuring, scanning, labeling, pallet packaging, wrapping the stretch film and repackaging, etc. fine logistics management and handling of garmentainers and reefer container, etc. can make our customers save a lot of energy and financial resources.
● Setting the specialized Cargo Inspection Room in warehouse in addition makes customer possible to perform specialized QC inspection in warehouse.
● Cargo on-line inquiry; the professional warehousing management information system realizes data sharing with customer terminal and provides on-line inquiry and data long-distance monitoring service for customers at any time.
● Timely factory picking service realizes seamless connection of logistics field.
● Factory supervision of loading, a supervision service for customers as loading in factory performed by supervisors of loading in warehouse.
● Design and operation of the loading solution for large cargoes; profession technical team can provide loading and reinforcement solutions for handling special container (such as open top container and flat rack container) so as to guarantee safety transportation of cargos.
● Safety and security, with round-the-clock closed circuit television system, uninterrupted in-process checking by security personnel and the strict safety operation, management, inspection, visiting and personnel identification systems to ensure the cargo safety in warehouse. The perfect alarming and automatic spraying system and various fire fighting equipment which are kept in good condition win the blanket approval from protection unit
● Strict waste management system reflects the social responsibility of Zhenhua.
● Perfect personnel protection measures and equipment show Zhenhua’s concept of people oriented and long-term development.
● Comprehensive and high-cost insurance and insurance companies with good credit standing can ensure customer’s interest.